Plasma & Laser Burning Services

K-5000 solar mounting structure Water Jet Cutting of solar panel mounting structures

Reliance Energy Solutions offers plasma and laser burning services to process steel plate to meet customer design specifications. Our plasma and laser burning processes are ideal for creating custom parts for solar mounting structures and other components for solar industry applications.

We have hundreds of burning machines within our network to burn light gauge to heavy carbon and alloy plate. We have also invested in newer technology like the Kinetic K-5000, which precision-cuts steel plate. It is fully computer-controlled to ensure perfect accuracy and repeatability. Complex custom shapes can be produced with exceptional precision, to match the exact requirements of your designs. The Kinetic K-5000 can accommodate plate up to 8" thick, and can run in "lights out" mode for non-stop processing. The equipment also has an automatic tool changer, two plasma torches and two Oxyfuel stations with production cutting capabilities. It is the fastest, most efficient way to process custom plate.

In addition to its burning and cutting capabilities, our Kinetic K-5000 system can also drill, bore, and tap holes, and mark your plate as needed, to give you ready-to-use products. These and our other available processing services will save you valuable time and money.

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