Concentrated Solar Power Applications

Concentrated solar power structures

Reflective sheet and mounting structure

Concentrated solar power applications

Reliance Energy Solutions is a leading supplier for the complete balance of systems for concentrated solar power applications. We offer a deep inventory of metal products for both concentrated photovoltaic and concentrated thermal installations.

We supply beams and columns for structural supports for heliostats and PV panels, plate steel for footings, baseplates, and molten salt thermal storage tanks, and pipe for concentrated photovoltaic pedestal construction. We can supply sheet metal products in extremely wide and long sizes for roll formed trough systems.

To add value to our metal products and save our customers time and money, we offer a range of processing services. We can galvanize, paint, drill, cope, and more, to deliver the steel products your project requires. We can arrange delivery service, to bring the fully processed products you need right to your facility or jobsite. Reliance Energy Solutions offers complete turnkey service.

We have most of the inventory to meet the demands of any size project and many years of industry experience. Contact Reliance Energy Solutions today to learn more.