Reliance Energy Solutions: Solar Steel, Beams, Pipe, Roll Forming, Plate and Sheet Metals Supplier

Reliance Energy Solutions is a leading supplier of metal products for the solar industry. As a division of Reliance Steel & Aluminum Co. (NYSE: RS), we supply a full spectrum of metallic raw materials and offer over 160 value-added processes.

We service a wide variety of customers including project developers, EPCs, general contractors, fabricators and machine shops. We strongly believe in the value we bring to our customers’ supply chain.Our goal is to reduce your investment in material by drawing on our complete line of inventory thus eliminating the need for non-productive storage space at your facility or job site. You buy only the quantities of solar steel needed, when they are needed. We expedite the need for processed steel in an immediate fashion.  Our experience and expertise in the solar industry enables us to offer guidance in terms of metal selection availability and possible material alternatives for your engineers to evaluate. Our current network of distribution centers includes over 240 locations worldwide, typically aligning us with favorable logistics.

Reliance Energy Solutions offers world-class service and one of the best metal inventories in the country. We supply pipe, beams and columns, structural tubing, sheet metal: carbon, aluminum and stainless, plate: carbon and alloy, aluminum and stainless, channel and angle, and aluminum extrusions. Reliance Energy Solutions also offers numerous processing services, including slitting and leveling, drilling and punching, cut-to-size and galvanizing, painting and coating, roll forming, tube laser, plasma and laser burning, press brake, beam coping and cambering, and more. We supply material for photovoltaic systems, concentrated solar power, solar power towers, and other types of renewable energy.  We also work with customers for their material needs on first articles and pull tests for projects still in the design and engineering phases.